Expertise matters when choosing a partner

Because we specialize in recruiting professionals, the search process runs smoothly and on schedule. We take care of all the work related to your recruitment on a turnkey principle, or only a defined part ̶ whichever suits you best!


In the choice of a reliable partner, you need to know that it is a truly professional staffing service. For us, it is important that, in addition to compliance with laws and regulations, we always act ethically.

In the current economic situation, the pace of change is challenging. We closely monitor economic events and we see the broader perspective.

Clear communication is especially important, so that all parties know how the search is going. Personaria keeps you up to date and informs candidates of each stage or prolonged schedule.

We have created a clear roadmap of the various stages of the search process and a timetable:


  1. Together, we define the job description and the desired personnel profile. We make further refinements to include required skills, work and interaction style.


  1. Personaria draws up a job advertisement, which- after your confirmation- is published in the agreed search channels. We also scan our system for possible candidates.


  1. We process all applications and invite the eligible candidates to an interview.


  1. We interview the eligible candidates using the job description as a guide. We carefully go through their work history. A financial competence test will ensure basic professional knowledge. In addition, the applicant is asked to describe their work and interaction style.


  1. We select the most suitable candidates for presentation. We arrange for you to meet the candidates according to your schedule.


  1. We administer an MPA work style test with the final candidate.


  1. The employment contract is signed with the selected employee. Personaria informs the other candidates that the selection has been made.

The search process usually lasts four to six weeks, depending on the goal we set together and how many applications arrive.

The search process is the same whether you are looking for a permanent employee or a temporary worker. The difference is that with the recruitment of a permanent employee your company is named as the employer, but with a temporary worker the employer is Personaria.

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