A leased director or interim manager brings an external perspective.

Corporate restructuring or a redesigned business process often requires external perception and experience. Leased executives (Interim Management) are becoming increasingly popular around the world and also in Finland.

Personaria’s leased executives possess solid experience and an extensive knowledge of the business world. They are able to take the lead in specific situations and to work in accordance with the agreed action plan as interim leaders.

A leased director can act as part of the company’s general management. As CFO, he is responsible for, for example, transitions in a corporate restructuring or a change in operating situations.

Liability issues concerning hiring a leased CEO differ from those connected with traditional staff leasing or a leased manager working through his own company. Personaria’s role is, therefore, to act as an intermediary for management professionals. Our subcontractor database offers know-how for a wide variety of needs.

Contracts are three-way so that your company has a contractual relationship with Personaria, which in turn enters into a subcontract with the leased manager’s company.

If you are interested in hiring a fixed-term leased leader, we are happy to help you in the selection process.

Can you be a leased leader through Personaria?

Skilled managers are becoming more and more aware of leased leadership as a career choice. Leased leadership is an opportunity to work on interesting tasks, for example, a year-long project or perhaps an even shorter period.

Personaria is known especially for the recruitment of financial professionals and personnel leasing. For this reason, we can work with temporary agencies for special situations requiring director-level professionals. We operate both a marketing channel for leased executives and a search channel for our clients.

Leased leadership requires extensive and in-depth experience as well as wide-ranging business insight. Experience is not necessarily linked to age – but the ability to act independently and in demanding situations.

Leased directors normally work through their own company, because the job description and area of responsibility cannot be defined as salaried employees.

The leased manager and the client company draw up the action plan for the assignment, but the contracts are three-way: Personaria signs a service contract with the client and a subcontracting agreement with the leased company director.