Personaria’s founder, Paula Peltolin, has spent her whole career in financial management. Paula’s long work history began with a summer job as a ledger accountant and continued in her first permanent job as an accountant, from which she moved into financial leadership positions.Paula has accumulated experience and insight into various sizes of companies, including Finnish subsidiaries of foreign companies. She has worked in import/export, wholesale and retail businesses.

Paula manages the various functions of launching and developing financial management during a period of change. She has learned to look at corporate management challenges as a board member and board secretary.

Her active participation in the working groups of the Private Employment Agencies Association and the Finnish Association for Human Resources Management (Henry ry) provides Paula a broad vantage point along with the ability to influence the development of the industry.

Personaria’s professionalism and business focus combines Paula’s ability to listen to people and to question things. Paula is easily approachable and honest, and she doesn’t put herself above the task.


“Cooperation is important, because the recruitment process is always a joint project. I respect both individual and corporate culture, and I want to ensure that both sides are valued in the labor market.”