Paula’s projects have succeeded without exception, very well. She has brought expertise in executive recruitment and in-depth experience in the fields of financial and human resource management.

Paula understands the economic activity as well as the specific features of the applicant and the employer’s point of view. She does background work carefully and produces structured information for decision-making on the basis of the candidate interviews. Paula’s active support is available at all stages of the process.

“A financial competence mapping test is to my knowledge unique in Finland. The results contribute substantially to identifying the strengths of the applicants. ”

Pekka Raatikainen, CFO, Kemppi Group Oy


Paula is familiar with the entire spectrum of financial management and she can assess the needs of both the company and the applicants. We have learned to know each other well enough over the years, so the right person for the job naturally occurs.

We don´t look for so-called kind accounting agency mammas, we look for good dudes!

“When we discuss the MPA work style analysis together, it helps to interpret the results. And we always listen to Paula´s own comments on the analyses. “

Anne Mertaoja, Managing Director, Talouskonsultointi Mertaoja Oy.


Professionals who understand both the specific needs of the financial management of employees and employers in the field are necessary. Employers do not, in fact, always know what a person should be able to do or how the applicant’s skills can be discovered in the job search process.

It has always been easy and comfortable to do business with Paula. The interviews have been varied and I have found that my skills have been identified through a range of issues.

The financial competence mapping test was interesting also because its results surprised me: I was better at the parts which I had assessed as weakest, and vice versa.

“The MPA work style analysis confirmed my thoughts on areas where I miss the development. The analysis also provided an interesting insight into my interpersonal style. ”

Sanna, accountant


I am satisfied with the search process for a Controller role, which proceeded according to the previously announced schedule. The interview questions were professional and gave me sufficient information on the company and the job. I was also kept well-informed at all stages of the process.

The financial competence mapping test was appropriate and will surely provide a picture of a person’s expertise. The test is a good aid for assessing the applicant, even if it does describe only a narrow part of the person’s full knowledge.

“The interview helped to analyze my own skills and aspirations for a meaningful job. Although I was not selected this time, in the end, I received a straight and honest answer about the selection criteria.”

Pasi, controller


Paula herself has diverse experience in financial administration, so she is able to ask just the right questions and to talk with the candidates using the same ‘financial’ language. Evaluation of the person’s level of expertise is, therefore, high-quality and truthful.

Paula has a great ability to listen and pick up the core issues from the discussion and then she presents them from an entirely new perspective. This is a real benefit, because at the same time you can weigh your own thoughts about recruitment and related needs.

Competence mapping and descriptions of the applicant’s personality work excellently to support the selection process. I got really useful information and assurance for decision-making.

” According to the MPA work style analysis, the applicant we chose didn’t fully correspond to our search criteria, but in spite of this, we took a calculated risk that we can live with certain aspects if the most important things are working. Paula was really good support in making the final decision. ”


Elena Kaonpää, Group Financial Controller, KENTEK Oy


Professional expertise is not necessarily the most important selection criterion; the person must also fit the work community. The MPA work style analysis has been true for our key person.

“With Paula’s help you can save work hours. She is honest and tells you if the right people cannot be found. Honesty and transparency are important, I think, because the selection of an employee is a substantial investment.”

Marjatta Paananen, CFO, Tilistar Oy


“Paula understood our needs and was able to quickly find the right kind of candidates despite our challenging situation, unlike the other big players. If no suitable person was found, we had clear descriptions of the candidates who did not meet the criteria for a particular search. According to these descriptions we have been able, if necessary, to change the emphasis. ”

Miia Pajuoja, CEO, Tilistar Oy