A clear way forward to personnel selection

The customer’s wishes and job description determine the various stages of recruitment, so we always act based on your needs. First, we want to explore your company and its culture. This is best done face-to-face, but we can also meet through Skype.


Financial competence mapping test at no charge as part of the interview.

Accounting and financial management require a wide range of skills and knowledge; our tests will provide valuable information during the selection process.

Personaria tests free of charge all the interviewed candidates using a unique competence mapping test, which was developed in collaboration with the Institute of Marketing, accounting firms and accounting professionals.

The test includes a self-assessment in addition to 50 multiple-choice questions covering, among other things, credit control, ledgers, payment transactions, the basics of accounting, VAT and the consolidated financial statements.

The financial competence analysis test has been done for hundreds of applicants. Based on the feedback from previous users, we can show the breadth and depth of individual competencies.

The interviewees take the test online before arriving for an interview. We give feedback on the results of the test in the context of the interview and we record them in the applicant’s data. The interviewee also gets results by e-mail.

Work style analysis provides information about the person’s strengths

A person’s working style and methods of interaction play a crucial role in how they fit into the new job and the company culture.

Paula Peltola is a certified expert in work style analysis. We use two methods which meet the international quality standard: Master Person Analysis (MPA) and the cognitive ability test Adjustable Competence Evaluation (ACE). Paula is also certified to use the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis  ) analysis.

MPA testing for the candidate chosen for the position is included in all Personaria’s services. The analysis describes a person’s natural behavior in a variety of situations in working life, so it provides more information about the candidate’s strengths and areas for development.

Your selected candidate receives a link to the MPA by email. Results are available immediately and, if necessary, also in different languages. The questionnaire contains 160 statements. The test results are compared with the defined job criteria.

The work style analysis also helps with the person’s orientation and management. You receive detailed reports of all of our analysis. The candidate also receives a written report of the results.

The MPA assessment method can only be used by certified users. MPA is based on criteria defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations and every three years the standards are updated.

Work style analysis supports the development of the staff. Our personnel assessments can also be used to support the development of your staff. Use work style analysis when you want to:

  • improve the interaction within the workplace
  • commit the employees to the organization
  • reward individuals or teams
  • receive support in strategic planning

Work style analysis can also be implemented as a separate project. Contact us.